Bottleless Water Coolers.

We offer bottleless water coolers with plumbed in filtration systems for your office. These Point of Use water coolers are attractive, with no need for bottles. Never run out of water, never lift another heavy bottle, and with a fixed low monthly rate, your payments always stay the same.

Because we’ll install your bottleless water cooler directly to your existing water source, it will work to filter the water you already have, leaving you with fresh, delicious water every day. You won’t have to worry about running out or keeping up with bottled water delivery.

The service includes everything required to get great tasting water from your existing water source. We will supply the cooler, installation, filtration system, and offer semi-annual service on the unit. We can usually tap into your existing water line under a sink or faucet, and run a small, inconspicuous tube to the water cooler.

One of the main benefits of a plumbed-in bottleless water cooler is, of course, an endless supply of water at your fingertips. You will never run out of water. Also, because the unit is bottleless, there are no bottles to store, delivery days to follow, and nobody has to change the bottle on the cooler! It’s also usually more cost effective, depending on the number of people the water cooler is serving. One flat monthly rate, and you can easily budget accordingly.